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Full Version: 3CX Phonebook
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I have 3CX wth people have several numbers within the Company Phonebook, such as mobile, home. On the W52P, I can only see one number, not both. It displays fine within 3CX and other phones, just on the W52P is shows...

Tim Smith

Where on 3CX I can see both numbers. Any ideas, anyone, I don't want to creat duplicates within 3CX, for example two entries for one person one with their Home Number and One with their Mobile.
Hi JasonHayes,

In order to better locate the issue, may I have following answers for further analysis?
1.What is the firmware of your W52P.
2.All W52P in your side have this issue?
3.Have you ever tested one of W52P with no fault.

Waiting for your feedback. Smile

1. Handset firmware is:, Base is:
2. Only have one W52P
3. No, only have one W52P base unit and handset.
Could you please provide the phonebook.xml file for me , and I try to reproduce in my side.
I am experiencing this same issue on my t22p.

If I enter multiple contact numbers in my 3cx phonebook, the phone only shows 1 number - the one I have entered in the "mobile" field on 3cx.

On the phone it displays as "Number1"
3CX only uses the "mobile" number when including manually added contacts in the phonebook. The other entries appear in 3CX, but are not exported to the phonebook file used for Yealink phones.
Is there a way to modify this behavior? It is fairly useless to have a company phonebook that only allows access to a single number when you have taken the time to input multiple.

This works fine for using the phone in conjunction with a PC and CTI mode, but not for someone with just a phone station.

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