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I have purchase two new T48 phones and trying to autoprovision photos. My T38 was no problem with a Contact.tar file but T48 have changed the format? Everything else loads somewhat the same but photos just are not loading. Any help?
Hi jsarvis,

There is something different between T3X and T4x on how to customize a local contact file.
So,please refer to the T4X auto provisioning guide (Page 18) for details.

Thank you for your reply.

I made some changes to my Contact.tar to fit the requirements and again... not loading the photos. The contacts load fine but something is missing on the photos. Did the requirements for photos .jpg change? This is frustrating.
I managed to get the photo's uploaded to the phone, BUT the small thumbnails in the Phonebook "All Contacts" don't show up.
When I tap on the small "i" behind the name, I see the Contact Details with the large photo.

If you delete a photo via the webinterface and upload it again, the small thumbnail will show in "All Contacts" list.
At the moment I'm using firmware I will reset the phone and try with the commercial firmware again tomorrow...

jsarvis, please check if you see the photo's in the dropdown list of the web interface?
Interesting. Default_contact_image.png is showing for the user. When I go to the dropdown all the photos are on the phone. I matched up user with image and a nice photo(.jpg). I couldn't possibly do this all 200+ users and phones but it is a start. Now how to match them up automatically!

Hi ,

I have uploaded the photo to T48 in my side successfully.
So I put my testing files in the attachment for your reference ,and please check it whether it can work well in your side?

1.The syntax in cfg file
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1029]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1030]


The only way I could get the photo's to upload via the tar files is to put all photos in photo.tar and then put this file and the ContactData.xml into Contact.tar. Using this post, the contacts and photos are uploaded. This is very similar to the T38G, just the xml has a different structure.

Now, when you upload photos with autoprovisioning the small thumbnails in the Directory view don't get created:

When you upload the photos manually, you get small thumbnails in the Directory view:

This happens with firmware V72 and beta V73. The configuration items I used: = http://server/voip/contactdata.xml
local_contact.data_photo_tar.url = http://server/voip/Contact.tar

Be sure to do a factory reset or delete the manually uploaded photos before autoprovisioning. This is an issue because we have 100+ photos that don't show up in the Directory view.
Hi All,

I have reproduce the issue what you guys happened with
And I will feedback this issue to our R&D to fix it in offcial standard V73.

Actually, T48 cannot support upload the phonebook photo before V73.
And ,V73 now we are planning to add this new feature to T48. And the corresponding auto provision
syntax is :"local_contact.image.url =" but not "local_contact.data_photo_tar.url="
I have tested V73-Beta on T48G with syntax "local_contact.image.url =" to upload the photo to T48, I can check it worked well in web interface ,but still cannot display in LCD GUI.
So,I will consult with our engineers to solve this issue.

Thank you Coco. The photo provisioning is an important feature for us.
I will await for the release of V73 to test it further.
It is my pleasure to solve the issue for you guys.
And thanks for your support and feedback.Smile
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