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Full Version: Diversion header when the W52P forwards the call with 302 Moved temporarily
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I'm quite new Yealink user, so I'm not very familiar with every options Yealink phones offer. We've started to use Yealink W52P, Yealink T46G and Yealink T20P. On the T46G and T20P, when doing phone based Call forwarding (Always forwarding for instance), the T46G and T20P phones send the "Diversion header" in the "302 Moved temporarily" messages.
But the W52P doesn't send the "Diversion header" in the 302 Moved temporarily SIP message, and I cannot find an option on how to enable it on the W52P
How can I make the W52P send the "Diversion header" along with the 302 Moved temp message.
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Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks for your understanding.
Hi Darkstar,

Do you mean that if A call W52P, then W52P Forward it to B, the invite packet B receive doesn't contain a diversion header?
I just try in w52p V73, set an alwasy forward to B, B receives an invite packet containing a diversion headser and B can display the diversion correctly.

The W52P in V50 should also send a diversion header too.
In you side, the phoen B doesn't display a calling ID correctly?
Thanks for your quick reply.
Please find attached 2 screeshots of traces from a T20P and a W52P.
You can find that the "302 Moved temporarily" sent from T20P has the diversion header set, while the one from the W52P contains only the contact header.

The problem is not about CallerID not being displayed correctly on the B phone (as you put it), it's about knowing from the VOIP application (be it Asterisk,...) who forwards the call and for which reason.

The call scenario I used here is: 104->xxxxx105->xxxxxx106.

In the T20P trace we can see the Diversion header set to <sip:xxxxxx105@X.Y.Z.W:5062>;reason=deflection

Should you need more info, I'll be happy to give more.

Thanks for your help[attachment=1025][attachment=1026]
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