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Full Version: TIP: T46 and T48 SuperSearch (searching phone book while entering digits)
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Another tip that i would like to share with everyone.

This would be another feature that i stumbled on while doing a install for a customer (3cx + Yealink).
The customer asked "Is there a way as we are entering a extension number it could show the persons name before making the call"....

Very good question. And the answer is YES!!

So 3CX by default has the 3CX phonebook. An XML based phone book containing all the extensions that automatically updates as you add people. NOTE: This also works if you create a xml based phone book or phone book menu or ahve any other phone system that uses the XML phone book feature.

Now inside the the provisioning template and assuming you know how to edit and make templates there is a value "super_search.url ="
By default it is blank.

Modify it to point to your 3CX web directory "super_search.url = http://%%pbx_ip%%:%%pbx_http_port%%/provisioning/%%PROVSUBDIR%%/super_search.xml"
Again assuming you are running 3CX. If not point it to the URL that has your provisioning files stored in it.

If you look in the web directory you will notice that the super_search.xml is not there by default. Attached to the post is the super_search.xml file.
So what happens now is when you start entering a extension say 200, it will display 1st the extensions matching 200 then numbers you've dialed that have 200 in them.
Makes it really nice when you knwo the first couple digits of a extension and just not sure on the last give you the list to pick from.

Any questions feel free to post of PM me.

[Image: bIiZZkx.jpg]

In the example pic you can see i entered 200 before i hit send it shows me the extenions name and then below that has past numbers ive dialed containing 200.
Thanks for this. I appreciate tips. Keep them coming.
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