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Full Version: Transfer Call with Yealink T42G and Panasonic with extension card
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anybody knowns how to configure T42G to get working the Call Transfer to an other extension using the Transfer Soft key with a Panasonic PBX with their SIP extension card?

With Panasonic SIP Phones works correctly. We are testing one T42G before replace it, but we only get it working with the next complicate process for users ;-)

Create New call (wait for answer)

Thanks for advance
You may need to modify the transfer type. I believe the Transfer to button preforms a blind transfer via refer, which may be difficult for the panasonic pbx to handle for one reason or another.

Can you do a manual transfer successfully(blind and attended)?
Thanks for your response. bnelson. Smile

Hi joopbox,

Do you mean your scenarion is like below:
1. A call B, B answer it.
2. B press the hold button. A will be held.
3. B create new call to C, wait for C answer, but B hang before B answer it.
4. If C answer the call, C will establish the call with A.
If it is your scenario, please let me know. And refer to the guide to try solve your issue. Begin at page 85.

If this is not your scenario, please describe your operation more detailed.

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