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Full Version: When will Yealink have their own VoIP Adapter Box?
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Yealink Phones are amazing in terms of confidentiality, they have OpenVPN implemented, strangely something extremely rare in this domain.

The problem is that Yealink is one of the few Brands that doesn't have a VoIP Adapter (ATA)! This is odd if you considered the demand for this products and what Yealink has to offer that others don't, OpenVPN connections, same to say, guaranteed confidentiality when for instance used in IP to IP calls (without RTP proxy)...

When will Yealink have their own VoIP Adapter Box?

Hi Ruiseixas,

Thanks for you love to Yealink product.

Yes, developing a own brand VoIP Adapter is fascinating to a sip phone manufacturer which maybe achieved in future.
But currelty, we 100% focus on endpoints device and try to make it best.

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