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Full Version: How to use the Intercom feature on a T41P
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My company started using the Yealink T41P Phone system and I need to figure out how to use the paging system. I need to be able to page individual and I need to set up a group page, to page everyone in the building. Can anyone help me?

This is Kevin from Yealink support team ,ncie to know you.

For this issue, please ask your server provide to set a paging group for you, then you don't need to configure paging in the phone side. Just use one phone to call the paging group, then the phone in the group will answer the paging call automatically.

if you can't get help from server provider, you also can set paging in the phone, but it would be inconvenience.
Fow how to set paging in the phone , please login into web interface of the phone:

please push the phone to listening RTP from multicast ip, then the phone will received the paging call.
path: click on Directory->Multicast ip->Multicast Listening->input ip:port(such as

Please push the phone to send RTP to the multicast ip, then the phone will make a paging call.
path: click on DSSkey->type to multicast paging->valued->label
click on Directory->Multicast ip->paging list

Let me know if any update.
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