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Full Version: Setting DID to certain softkeys
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Recently I have been trying to figure out how to set different numbers that ring to the receptionist phone (T46) to light up certain soft keys. What i'm looking to do is set up the phone so that the first two keys will light up when a certain number calls in, and will stay lit until the receptionist presses the button to answer the call. I'm running 3CX if that helps, and the phones firmware version is
Hi ITinvestor,

Sorry for my vague understanding.
Let me explain my understanding.For example:
1.There are 3 phones.called A,B,T46
2.There are some configurations on softkeys of T46,such as the softkey1 monitor number A,the softkey 2 monitor number B.
3.When number A ring to the T46,the softkey 1 will light up.
When number B ring to the T46,the softkey 2 will light up.
Am I right? If yes, why don't you use different ringtone for different number? And you can distinguish the corresponding number.

You can do that with the phone? I thought that feature was not available? That would be fantastic if I could do that! How are the phone rings changed?
Hi ITinvestor,

Our phone can set different ringtone for different contact group.
If you only want to configure on one phone ,then you can operate in web interface:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1001]

If you want to configure on large quantities,the it seems te be convenient for you to do via auto provision.
As I have dealt with the same question for our another forum customer.So, I attached the correspnding llink for your reference.
different ringtone for different incoming call

If there is any problems,please feel free to contact me.

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