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Full Version: T46G - headset microphone volume
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Looking for the place to adjust the headset microphone gain at T46G with YHS32. Cannot find it. Talking in headset mode is just too quiet.

Additionally, is there any autoprovisioning parameter like voice.headset_send available for the T46G?

Hi Timalex,

Yes, you can adjust it through autoprovision:

voice.headset_send =

The value range from -130 to 20. The default value is 1.

Are you positive those values are correct? In the provisioning template it states
"#Configure the sending volume of Speaker, Handset and Headset. It ranges from 1 to 53, the default values are 25, 35, 29.
#Require reboot;"

But you stated the values could be -130 to 20 and default is 1

Looking in the provisioning manual it says
"voice.headset_send =
(only applicable to SIP-T20P, SIP-T22P, SIP-T26P and SIP-T28P IP phones)"

Is that value now able to work on the T46g and the manual just hasnt been updated?
Hi Tsukraw,

The value range is not same to T4x.
Indeed, we don't recommend changing the sending volume in T4x fearing that make sound quality bad so it's not inlcuded in manual.

I have a re-confirmation, the value should range from -120 to 30.
thx James. I will try this.
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