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Full Version: Softkey for Paging
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I was wondering if Yealink had considered adding a softkey function for Paging so we would not have to use a line key button. If not could this be a feature request. Thanks in advance.
On our phone system Elastix/Asterik, we set up paging groups. Ours are like 300 for paging all phones, 301 for warehouse, 302 for sales, etc. Then on the phone's DSSkeys settings, on the line keys, we set up paging keys. We have T46G phones. In the DSSkey, we set the type to Speed Dial, value to the group wanted, 300, and label "Page All", and line 1. Next we have 301 on the next key "Page WH". When we want to page we just simply pick from the list and press that softkey and it beeps and we can page to that area. Hope this helps you.
Hi Meyerj66,

What's your phone model? It seems that you want to achieve multicast paging on softkeys?
Currently it's not supported, but I think it's a reasonable feature request which can be considered adding to a later firmware. Will transfer this request to our product department.


That is correct I am looking for a multicast softkeys feature. Once softkey is pressed it then gives you the option to which zone you would like to PAGE. Can you provide the Feature Request ID number once this is processed. Thank you in advance.
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