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Full Version: [Solved] T46G: Make remote pronebook emty over provisioning.
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I have a T46G that we are testing. (To see if it does all we need so we can sell them to customers.)

This is the firmware, ...:
Firmware Version
Hardware Version

Now using provisioning I can add remote phonebooks. Works perfectly.
However, using provisioning, I also need to be able to remove remote phonebooks.

So I tried this: = =

But if I do that, the old settings stay in the phone.

Then I tried all kind of other ways by filling in '' or "" or 0 or false, even trying to add = 0

But nothing works.

Is it possible to inform me how I can do this?

Hello, can you try settings the value to %NULL%
Another thread mentions this value to clear some options set previously...
Thanks! that works.
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