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Full Version: t22p forward only by button
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I've upgraded my t22p with firmware.
When I make a blind transfer by the DSS key configured by default, I press the DSS key, I enter the destination number and if I don't do nothing, after 2/3 seconds, the call is automatically transfered. What I would do is transfer the call not automatically after 2/3 senconds, but only by repressing the DSS key.
Is there a way to configure the transfer for disable this kind of auto-transfer?

Thanks. Marco
You can use the following to prolong operation time

[Image: attachment.php?aid=983]
The problem is that when I want to transfer a call (through my Asterisk PBX) if I press 'transfer' twice (before and after the internal destination) all the channel variables (i see this from PBX logs) are passed because the sip call is the same arrived from the external. Instead if I wait for the timeout of 2/3 seconds, in the PBX I noticed that a new sip channel is created (a new call from the internal number and not any more from the external); in this manner I lose all the channel variables (different ringing variables...).

What can I do for resolve this problem?
Thanks. Marco.
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