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Full Version: Add prefix on inbound calls
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Hi all!

I wonder if it´s pissible to add a prefix number for inbound calls. For example, if 66666666 is calling, I need a "9" as prefix: 9666666666, in this way I can redial it pressing just one button.

Is there any way?

Thank youT
Do you mean you want to redial the the phone number from the history and need to add a prefix in front of this phone number?
If yes, I want to tell you, it is the same to dial number directly. If the phone number from history match the dial plan which you set. It also will add a prefix in front of the phone number.

Please refer to this thread.

Which phone system are you using?
A lot of times it is easier to do this at the PBX level. With 3CX you can have it add the digit. or even better yet program the phone system to not need the 9 to make the call out Smile

Either way if you could share those details im sure some ideas can work!
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