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Full Version: T22P taking too long to boot up
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I have a T22P that takes too long to boot up, stays in the screen "Initializing Please Wait..." for about hour and 30 minutes then the boot fiinish the boot and is ready to use, I can configure and extension no problem. The problem is that I don't know why it taking too much time to initialize.

I try connected to a PoE siwtch, to a non-PoE switch with power adapter, I also upgrade the firmware to version

One thing that I notice is that every 20 seconds the screen blink really quick, but after hour and thirty minutes the phone is ready to use.

Have anyone seeing this? Something that I can do, or it is just that I need to change the phone.

Thanks !!
I have received your mail and replied you. Please check your email and looking forward your reply. Smile
Thanks for the help.

I did one more the the upgrade of the firmware (latest one) but this time using a tftp server and the recovery mode and now the phone takes about 1 minute 10 seconds to boot (which I belive it's ok), a lot better than the hour and 30 minutes that was taking before.
Nice to see it. Thank you. Smile
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