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Full Version: W52H Mic volume
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Hi All,

Do you all know how to increase the mic volume on the W52H handsets which are connected to a W52P base. I couldnt find any option on the handset or on the base. The destination party can bearly hear anything.
We are using 5 handsets connected to W52P base and all the handset have the same problem. The base is connected to a 3CX PABX system. The Linksys wired phones which are connected to 3CX are working fine.

Base Firmware version :
Handset Firware version :

Joby Ninan


Hello jobyninan,

We can use the left/right navigation key to adjust the volume during talking.
That doesn't help, it can be used to up or down the speaker volume not for the mic. Is there any other alternative option to increase the sound quality of the mic?
jobyninan Wrote:Is there any other alternative option to increase the sound quality of the mic?
Try using a different (better) codec?
Thanks for the reply, But we have tried all the available codec both on the phone and the pabx system.
Hi Joby,

Does the “Echo Cancellation” and “Jitter Buffer” have their default settings?
What is the voice quality if one handset (W52H) calls the other one (W52H)? And what is the voice quality if you call the Linksys?
If you record in 3CX the call, and listening it back is the voice quality still bad?
Maybe a reset of the base to factory defaults will solve the issue?
Have reboot switches between Base and PABX, and reboot your router?
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