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Full Version: Programmable Softkey Multicast Paging Type 24
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Can you please let me know why the programmable softkeys for the T4X Series Phones V72 do not have type = 24 for multicast paging.

This is very badly needed and would help win large account from Polycom who can provide this simple feature.

Can Yealink provide custom config for us?

Will it be available in V73 ?

Thank you.
Given below is the configuration statement, you can try

Is set based linekey1

linekey.1.line =
linekey.1.value =
linekey.1.pickup_value =
linekey.1.type =
linekey.1.xml_phonebook =
linekey.1.label =
Hello Jim,

We need the programmable << softkey >> not line key.

We need to make one of the four keys that are directly under the display to be a multi-cast button.

We use line keys only for accounts, BLF keys etc.

Can you make programmable softkey multicast type 24 ??
a possible option,

We use the 3cx phone system which creates an extension as a multicast page. so in the templates I create a speed dial and point it to that extension

this is the setup on a t38, but same idea. I assume the phone system you are using will have a similar option.

programablekey.3.type =13
programablekey.3.line =
programablekey.3.value = 8001
programablekey.3.xml_phonebook =
programablekey.3.history_type =
programablekey.3.label = Paging
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