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Full Version: t46g: intercom over speaker rather than headset?
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Related to this, I've just posted a somewhat lengthy explanation of Intercom-related topics over at another thread:

It discusses ensuring that intercom calls are answered on speakerphone as well as some other aspects.
(01-03-2017 09:35 AM)Peter Wrote: [ -> ]Hello all,

This feature is already supported by the V81 version through auto provision: features.intercom.headset_prior.enable=0
You can get the latest V81 firmware from homepage:

Thank you!

Best Regards,

I've tried this solution and it still does not work. Has anyone successfully gotten this to work?
Yealink please respond with a direct answer to the question. Can intercom audio go through both headset and the phones speaker? If so how can that be accomplished.
I imported the following configuration setting as suggested and tested it: features.intercom.headset_prior.enable=0

This simply disables headset when intercom comes in and leaves it off. Since the sip header data is tagged as intercom, they should be able to set a default device output behavior based on this data that we can configure in the phone. I've seen some other features allow you to set output to speaker, handset, or both so that function should be possible. Simply disabling headset all together and leaving it off isn’t a desired behavior and would frustrate users.

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