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Hello All,

I've got 7 x T42G phones on 3CX. My customer wants to have first 3 BLFs associated w/ the 3 incoming lines. This is kind of standard fare for a traditional PBX. Is this possible? Is 3CX and/or Yealink phone capable of doing this?

They want to visually see which lines are in use w/out having to rely on software on desktop.


Our Yealink phones support BLF on 3CX.
Now,let me explain it:
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is used to monitor a specific user for status changes on IP phones.For example, you can configure a BLF key on a supervisor’s phone to monitor the phone user status (busy or idle). Then when the user places a call, a busy indicator on the supervisor’s phone indicates that the user’s phone is in use.
When the monitored user is idle, the supervisor can press the BLF key to dial out the phone number. When the monitored user receives an incoming call, the supervisor can press the BLF key to pick up the call directly. When the monitored user is on a call, the supervisor can press the BLF key to interrupt and set up a conference call.

You can refer to Guide for details.Admin_Guide
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