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Full Version: Remote phone book caller id not working & No missed calls logs
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We recently switched to SIP based telephony at our company. We settled on the W52P set, but we've run into several issues:
  1. Even though the specifications specifically mention a 500 contact local phone book only the first 100 get stored
  2. The remote phone book seems to be able to hold more contacts, but is not used to show names with incoming calls
  3. The local phonebook always shows up in the phone menu, even when empty, which is quite impractical
  4. The phones didn't work at all before doing an upgrade to the last official firmware, but now no history is shown at all, no missed calls, etc...

I've searched and found some of the issues above, but no real solutions. It won't matter to us if we need to use the local or remote phone book, but we do need the 500 contact capacity with working caller id (we bought these phones over alternatives for this feature).
The missing of a log for missed calls is also quite a problem for us.
Can you please advice?

The base station has firmware version and hardware version
The handsets are on firmware version and hardware version
Hi Stefan ,

I noticed that the handset firmware is a specialized version.So may I konw where did you get the phone?


We bought the kit from a local online retailer. It came in a Yealink branded package, no indication of customizations.
Would it be possible / help to change to the default firmware?
Hi Stefan,

I have updated the reply to your email,pls check it.

I have the same problem.
Can't update the handset to a new firmware.

I bought a complete set from a big online shop , nothing shows it is specialized OEM version, it came in a brown Yealink branded package.

Is there a way to get this phone working ?

I can't say that the Dutch company appointed by Yealink didn't try to help, but the phone usage screams 'paying to be in a beta test' from all possible angles. In my opinion the phones simply aren't ready to be on the market as an end user product (plus the false claim in the datasheet about the number storage capacity per phone didn't help either).
Issue 4 got fixed, issue 3 got brushed off as 'we don't see the problem'. Issue 2 seems to have a working fix in yet another custom firmware, but is not available in the 'normal' firmware and thus not available.
Issue one is explained as 'you can use max. five phones, 100 contacts each. So we can claim a 500 contacts capacity per phone'. Right...
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