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Full Version: W52 Multi-Line Transfer
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I have assigned multiple lines/accounts to my new W52 Dect phone. Once I receive a second call and have two lines active I cannot transfer either call anywhere but to the other call/line thus connecting the two callers. If I only have one call I can transfer to an extension with the phonebook or by keying in an extension. If I have two calls the only option given on Transfer is the other line. Is there a solution for this? I will have to return the phone if not.

I‘m sorry. This is W52P mechanism, a Handset can only support two-way conversation.
Thanks for the reply Jim,

This is a multi-line phone, meaning I can have multiple calls active and switch between each call. This I can do easily. But once I have multiple calls I cannot do anything with them except hang up on them. I cannot transfer them. If I only have one call I can transfer it. Seems like a firmware issue??

Your answer about two-way conversation does not seem to apply to being able to transfer a call with more than one line active.
Can someone help us with this? Did I explain the issue sufficiently?
Any fix for this? I too am having this problem, and it is very difficult to work around wit a very busy office. 2 lines, need to transfer one to another associate, and the two clients get connected together and us kicked out... not professional at all.

I'm sorry to tell you that a Handset can only support two-way conversation, but a base can support four-way conversation. So when you have 2 lines conversations, you can't do transfer.
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