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Full Version: T19 HTTPS Autoprovisioning
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Can someone describe how to configure autoprovisioning via HTTPS on Yealink T19?
I've made successful provisioning via FTP, but HTTPS doesn't work.
(HTTPS server works well, phone logs in, but it can't download configuration).

Thanks in advantage!
I had same problem with all models. I made a workaround but others may have a better idea.

The main reason is that by default "Only Accept Trusted Certificates" under "Security" tab -Trusted certificates is enabled.

I built an HTTP server and I set up my network and RPS to point to it and load the common file Y00xxxx.cfg which has the following lines:
#Enable or disable the phone to only accept the certificates in the Trusted Certificates list;
#0-Disabled, 1-Enabled (default);
security.trust_certificates = 0

Then after loading those lines, Y00xxxx.cfg point to the HTTPS server to download another Y00xxxx.cfg with:
auto_provision.server.url = https://your-server_name/directory

and MAC-configuration file.

That solved problem, thank you Barnabas! Smile

I'll try to make provisioning with trusted certificates - now I know where to seek for it.
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