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Full Version: Search Remote Phonebook Name parameter
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I'm trying to set the "Search Remote Phonebook Name" option (see screenshot from fw via autoprovisioning, but I can't find it anywhere in the documentation, so don't know what I need to put in the config file.

I've set the URLs up and sorted out the XML templates for setting the directoriess that are used and the super search, but unless this option is set, the phone doesn't search the remote phonebooks on an incoming call, and just displays the number.

I can work around it if absolutely necessary by getting the server to do the lookup, but given the setting is there on the web interface and works if set manually, this seems much simpler if it is autoprovisionable...
Hi rebuke,

Given below are the configuration parameters, you can try

enable =

It enables or disables the phone to
perform a remote phone book search
when receiving an incoming call.
0 0-Disabled
1 1-Enabled
The default value is 0.

This is the connection, you can click for more information

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