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Full Version: 3cx Auto Provision Line Keys as Call Park
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I am looking at Auto Provisioning the Built in 3cx Auto Provision Templates for the T38 Phones. I would like to be able to configure the 6 line keys as Call Parks. Currently I can only figure out how to Auto Provision the Line Keys as BLFs. I would think it would be possible since you can manually setup the Line Keys this way.
Dear User,
The latest version of Auto Provisioning guide can be reached at web site below:

File name: Yealink T3XG Auto Provisioning_70.0
In the auto P common config file of T38, you can configure all line keys as call parks like this:
change linekey .X.type=10(10 represents call park, X ranges from 1~6 on T38G)
#Configure Line Key1
linekey.1.line =
linekey.1.value =
linekey.1.pickup_value =
linekey.1.type =10
linekey.1.xml_phonebook =
linekey.1.label =
Ok Great. That works great. Thanks for the help.
My pleasure to help. Any further question, please send email to or post on Forum.
Best wishes!
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