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Full Version: Stuck at 'registering'
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We are testing a number of Yealink handsets and have come across an intermittent issue when a handset first tries to register it sticks at 'Registering', so it doesn't register, or indeed fail (where I think the SIP Registration Retry Timer(0~1800s) would kick in)

For testing I'm using a T19PN.

If I manually disable and enable the account on the handset it then registers straight away.

We're using a Unify voice system and I think it might be something to do with the Unify SBC sending a deny response initially and then requiring a 2nd registration attempt in order to accept the connection (I think this is what the Unify guys explained a whole back) - are their any settings on the Yealink handsets to take this in to account? I assume the Unify handsets are aware of that and we don't have any such issues. Or I might be barking up the wrong tree!

Dear Tom,
Did you trapped by this problem when using Auto Provisioning to register?

I'm going to see if I can collect the traces tonight!
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