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Full Version: [SOLVED]T41 /T42 Doesn't support autoprovisioning multicast paging line key types.
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I can successfully configure multicast paging line keys using the web interface and directly on the line key using the phone's menu. I would like to auto-provision this line key key mapping for a deployment. According the official provisioning guide (for firmware v72), the t41 and t42 only allow key types ranging from 1 to 15. Multicast paging is key type 24. Is this a typo in the manual or is it really not possible to provision multicast paging line key functions from a cfg file?

Turns out through some extensive testing that the T41/T42 does indeed support option 24 for the linekey.type parameter. The documentation was just incorrect in the provisioning manual.

Hope this may help someone else.

Dear Eric,
Thanks for your continuously support on Yealink products.
We've released new version of Auto Provisioning for firmware verion V72 or later. New file can be reached at web site below:[/align]
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