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Full Version: getting Yealink ip phones working on Shoretel System
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Has any one been able to get YeaLink IP phones configured and working with a shoretel system.

We currently have regular YeaLink phones working at our main office. It is when we try to put a yealink phone out at remote location With Shoretel it will not work?

Any help would be great.


Dear Jeff,
We haven’t done the interoperability test with the Shoretel yet, but as you know, all Yealink products are based on SIP standard, if the IP PBX is also using the standard SIP protocol, I believe it should work very well. Moreover, interoperability issue is always a great concern of our company, so even one PBX is not verified by Yealink, you don't need to worry since we will have prompt support on interoperability issues. Please send email with detail information about the problem to Let's have a deeper troubleshooting.
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