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Full Version: Broadsoft ACD Unavailable Code Support
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Hi All

Looking at the latest Broadsoft CPE kit and Partner config guide.
I see that only the T28 supports "Unavailable" codes for ACD and Broadsoft Call Center integration.

Are there any plans to support this on the T32G and T38G for Broadsoft Call Center integration?

Please advise if there are any other workarounds etc.


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Hi Albert,

The T3x V70 firmware has already supported the ACD feature of Broadworks, please test the V70 firmware.

T32 Firmware:

T38 Firmware:
Hi Bill

The phones are currently on the 32.70.100 and 38.70.100 release.

Basic ACD with login/log-off is working.

However, when going unavailable I'm required to have "Unavailable Codes" that should be configurable to assist with reporting and knowing why the Call taker was unavailable.

In the CPE documentation you mention that only the T28 supports this.

Can you confirm if this feature is available on T32 and T38?

Another issue is the "disposition codes" also required for Call Center integration, along side ACD


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