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Full Version: Will W52P work on a Shoretel phone system
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I have tried and tried to get the w52P to work on the shoretel phone system and I can not get it to register using SIP. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also We currently have regular YeaLink phones working at our main office. It is when we try to put a yealink phone out at remote location With Shoretel it will not work?

Thanks for any information
Jeff Patton


Hello jeffpatton5677,

It's a pity that the Shoretel phone system isn't in our compatible list. Sad
But it doesn't matter. Smile
May I have some test account for us to test it in my local network environment?
Hi Jeff,

I understand that this post is long overdue, but I would just like to know if you were able to resolve this issue or if you're currently looking for another solution. If so, then I would like to recommend checking out Tenfold. Tenfold is a 3rd party CTI solution for your business needs. You can check them out on the link below.
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