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Full Version: Searching for bases
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We bought a month ago , 4 units W52P with 12 hanset, at the beguin had to much troubles with our lan , then decided separated to a different lan , but we have the same problem , the hanset shows the next message occasionally "Searching for base" , each W52P is conect to a UPS thereby never turn off . then hanset is 20 mtrs max of the bases , is not possible that the signal is lost in this distance , because your datasheet says : in indoor maximun 50 mtrs , outdoors 300 mtrs.
We have seven Acces point , working in different channels, keeping 2 channels of distance
among themselves, also we have four ip cameras working in the channel 3 .

will these devices are interfering with the bases?



Hello c.ponce,

I have stated a data as below, you can refer to your local environment.
In a 20 square meter room, the maximum base you can place is 2.
And in a room, the best distance between base and base is 1.5m. It's not suggested that you place too much bases in a not big room.

Hope this can help you. Smile
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