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Full Version: Changing directory for transfering
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I was wondering if it was possible to change the Enabled Directory to the Remote Phone Book and also add the Remote Phone Book as Enabled in the Search Source List in Dialing? I want this change to be made through the provisioning file in 3CX, as I have to update around 30 phones with these settings and will make it easier to maintain is settings are updated with new firmware versions.

The attached screen shots show the current settings (1.png) and the desired settings (2.png) as changed through the web interface for the phone. (T46G being used as this is the model I have on my desk)

T42G phones running firmware (3CX 12 SP6)
Sorry that I am not a 3CX expert and have very limited knowledge about how to provisioning on 3CX server. But we can make it by HTTP server.
// It configures the access URL of the custom directory list file
directory_setting.url =

//It configures the access URL of the custom search source list in dialing file
super_search.recent_call =1
super_search.url =

Super search.xml & favorite_setting.xml files can be found on Auto Provisioning template, which can be reached at:

Result showing as attached.
Hope it helps
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