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Full Version: Where do I get the configuration files from?
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Hi All,

I've just purchased my first set of Yealink T28P phones. I've upgraded the firmware to and now I'm looking at setting up Auto Provisioning.

I've setup a TFTP server, and I can see in the log that the phones are looking for y000000000000.cfg and 00156xxxxx.cfg files.

Where do I get some templates to start setting up these files?

Can I setup 1 phone how I would like, then export the configuration? I tried exporting the configuration out of 1 of the phones, but the format is different to the what is expected - How do I separate out the general from the mac specific items?
I've got my autoprovisioning config from my PBX installer guy (in my case, the PBX has got a "common" configuration with "placeholder" variables, and uses them to automatically generate each MAC-specific .cfg file for each phone, replacing the placeholders with the right values like display name, user name, etc. My PBX integrates its own TFTP server, where it places its own provisioning files only. I had to change my DHCP configuration to point to another TFTP server when I wanted to do provisioning tests manually editing single .cfg files).

I still don't have news about the new V70 firmware support from my PBX developers/installer, so at the moment I am waiting before upgrading, and I'm still using V60 firmware.

V70 is a major release that added a brand-new provisioning file format called M7 (instead of the M1 used in previous firmwares for T2x phones).
V70 can accept both M1 and M7 provisioning files (while V60 can accept M1 format only), but some new features (I don't know which!) are configurable through M7 only.

I suppose M1 provisioning files are somehow a different format than what is actually stored in the phone configuration (a single provisioning file seems to refer to multiple configuration files, in its different sections). Not sure about M7.

Waiting for official Yealink responses, you may take a look to the T28 support page, and check out the various files there that talk about phone configuration, provisioning, v70 firmware...
I need the config files too, specifically the y000.cfg and I can't find it. All of the supporting documentation says to download it from the support downloads page, but it isn't there. Can somebody post this please?
Hi all,

You can get these cfg templates from the auto-provisioning file.
Take T28 for example, i attach a screenshot for you.

1. enter the website of yealink.
2. click the support module
3. choose the IP Phone from the Documents and Downloads
4. Choose the phone series from the left side of page
5. click the auto-provisioning file from the Documentation module.
When can we expect to see the autoprovisioning guide as it is out of date!!!!
Hi bsutton,

Which autoprovisining guide do you want?
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