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Full Version: T32G Second and Third Calls Coming on Line 1
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I have a T32G that I use with my Ring Central service. Ring Central had some issues getting the phone to work with their service. As a result, the tech altered some of my phone's settings and reset it to its factory default quite a few times.

After the work he performed, if I'm on the phone and I receive a second phone call, it rings on Line 1 instead of going to Line 2. If third phone call comes in, that also goes to Line 1 instead of going to Line 3.

I do receive quite a few phone calls and really enjoyed the convenience of having calls come into each of the individual lines vs. all on one line.

I've looked at the phone's settings via the web interface and didn't see anything that might cause this issue. I also upgraded to the most recent firmware (

Thanks very much in advance for the assistance
Dear Superman,

Would you please reproduce the problem and send pcap packets to There packets will make sense for further troubleshooting. About how to export pcap packets, please refer to manual below:

Thanks and Regards
Thanks very much. I just emailed the log files to
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