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Full Version: SIP-T26P LCD Very dark
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Can't find the settings to make the LCD lighter. It's too dark, too many pixels are activated and cannot read the display. This is brand new out of the box. Can anyone tell me what button-combination or where the setting is to adjust LCD brightness?

Thank you!
Sorry to tell you the T26 doesn't support adjust the backlight currently. It is a default value. We haven't receive the complaination about the backlight of T26 from other users. Maybe your firmware version to old, so please upgrade the firmware to the latest version and try again.
You can get the firmware of T26 from here.>><<

About how to upgrade it, please refer to this FAQ.
[FAQ]How to upgrade firmware?

If you still think the LCD is too dark, could you please take a picture and send it to me? Ensure it whether is hardware issue.

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