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Full Version: dialing t46g remotely?
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I use a t46g connected through 3cx, a headset and a lifter. Is it possible for me to dial the phone remotely from my computer (either via the 3cx webpage or the t46g webpage, or through some other means)?

To answer my question (for the benefit of others who may find this topic), I can dial the phone remotely by installing c3x phone for windows and running it in CTI mode.
yes, you can dial the phone remotely from your computer.
Please try the below steps:
1.Please access to phone web ui->features->Remote Control->Action URI allow IP List, entry your PC ip address. click confirm button to accept the changes.
2.Access to phone web ui-> Directory->Phone Call Info, in the Call Panel, you should entry the dial number and Outgoing Identity.
Then you can dial the phone remotely from your PC.
Thanks, that's great and works fine for regular numbers. But is there a way to dial into a conference call that has a password? This approach doesn't seem to allow for dialing after the call is connected. Is there a way to specify a pause (e.g. using a # or p) so you can specify a password?
Yes, Yealink phone support Action URI. I think it can solve your issue.
Please refer to the admin guide. Begin page at 159.
You can get it from here

>>admin guide<<
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