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Full Version: Proxy redundancy
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Hi all.

I have met a problem with proxy redundancy on W52P-
According with docs "Using server redundancy", NAPTR, SRV and A recordes had added to DNS. I used NAPTR for transport, and domain name (no FQDN) in SIP Server 1 field. But the phone are not trying to send DNS NAPTR request to DNS, instead that it send register request to the DNS IP address.

Here is my DNS settings (zone: bk.local):

IN NAPTR 100 50 "s" "SIP+D2U" "" _sip._udp.bk.local

_sip._udp SRV 0 1 5060 sip.bk.local
_sip._udp SRV 2 1 5060 sip3.bk.local

A sip.bk.local
A sip3.bk.local

Any help will be appreciated.
Another words, What Should I use in place Sip Server 1 host name? Could I use DNS zone name? In my case the phone W52p is trying to register on DNS then I use zone name in place Sip server 1 host name field.
Do you fill server port as 0? Please configure port as 0 then test again.

If it still can't help, please help me to get the trace file, i can check more via these files.
For trace files, please refer to this FAQ:
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