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Full Version: Provisioning Help
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Where do I find the programs to make a Logo and the program for the Ringtone for the T46G phones?
In the mac.cfg file is this all I need for:

Does the firmware file need to be named a certain name? I have this set up but it doesn't work:
url = ip.address/T46- and I tried:
AutoProvision.strServerURL = http://ip.address:80/

Does anything else need to be provided for a RemotePhoneBook.xml file to be read besides: = http://ipaddress:80/RemotePhonebook.xml = RemotePhonebook
features.remote_phonebook.enable = 1
It doesn't work.

For the wallpaper, anything else I need besides:

wallpaper_upload.url = http://ipaddress:80/file.jpg

It doesn't work.
If I manually upload it and pick it, it works but not via provisioning.

I can send my whole file if needed

Is there a y000000000028.cfg that shows all the possibilities with examples?
How amount a mac.cfg that shows all the possibilities with examples?
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