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Full Version: v2.72.0.30 and T28P BLF lights
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I have a customer who has 18 T28P's. They are using firmware v The issue they are having is the BLF lights stop working sporadically and requires a reboot of the phones in order for them to start working again. This has happened for the past several months. Has this issue been resolved in a firmware update and if so, when is that update going to become available?
I have the same issue with a T26 and T48G the LED do not turn on for Park functions it doesn't work even when I reboot the phone.
The latest firmware for T28 locates at: ftp://yealinkftp:yealinkftp@ftp.yealink.....0.75.rom. Please download and upgrade your device to latest firmware.
Hi arainc,

Please upgrade to the latest version( of T28 and try again.You can get the firmware from here.>><<

Hi 305voip,

Sorry,the park feature didn't use the LED. You can set BLF to monitor the other phones and pickup the monitored phone.
Please refer to the guide. Begin at page 153.


I have upgraded the phones to v., however they problem still persists. The lines work for several weeks, then randomly stop and the phones require a reboot to start working again. Then the same thing happens several weeks later. Not sure if this is a bug with the phone itself.
Hi Arainc,

May I know what's the server you use?
And how many BLF keys you configured?

I am using Asterisk 11.2.1, with FreePBX They have 7 BLF keys with 3 Call Park
Hi Arainc,

Can you please change the configuration under account-> Advanced interface and cehck again.

1)Set Timer 1 to 4
2)Set Timer 2 to 6
3)Disable both the “Subscribe to MWI” and “Subscribe MWI to VoiceMail”

These are already the settings in place.
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