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Full Version: How to verify generation of phone
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How can I tell if yealink is a:

Yealink V70 T2X Model
Yealink V70 T3X Model

Yealink/Dreamwave T2X Model
Yealink/Dreamwave T2X V71 Model
Yealink/Dreamwave T3X Model

I can obviously tell whether the phone is a t22, t38 or t28, but I can't figure out what generation the phone is, any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Dear User´╝î

Thanks for your kind attention on Yealink products.

We can judge this from firmware version. Press OK button on keypad, you may find firmware version. For example:
Here first part 28 represents model number SIP-T46G, second part 72 means the firmware generation, this is a V72.

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thank you
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