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Full Version: Call History
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I would like to be able to see the incoming and outgoing call history that you can pull up on the phone's screen locally from a remote location. Meaning that I want to be able to pull up the call history of a phone from my desk. Is there something in the admin interface that will allow this or would I need to have some sort of log server setup and have them dump their logs to that or write a tool that the phones call up when they make or receive a call?
Hi Vistaaaaron,
So you want to export the call history from the phone? Currently we don't have such tool, but you can access to the phone webpage-Contacts-Phone Call Info, here you can see the call history, and you can copy them out of the phone.
Yealink Support... Would there be any interest in making it so that each phone could write / read the call history list from a database or something similar. This would be clean as then multiple phones on the same line, such as within a home, would share this list and it would be easily managed from any phone, and each phone would have the same info. As well, then it could easily be exported. Just a thought. Rudy
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will collect similar requirements from the other users, if many users need it,maybe we will consider it in the future.
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