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Full Version: T48G + EHS36 + Sennheiser Officerunner help
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I know Yealink's supported wireless headset list doesn't list the Officerunner, but I was told elsewhere it works. I bought it and am trying to get it to work. I wired the phone up how Yealink shows in the EHS36 manual, when my phone rings I hear the headset beep, but it's not answering when I press the button. I was guessing I need a handset lifter, even though the manual doesn't show as needing one for a Sennheiser headset, just the Sennheiser Y-Cord. I tried lifting the handset to make a call and press the button and it's still not switching to the device. I tried setting the DIP switches with 1 up and 2 up. Nothing.

I'm assuming the Officerunner setup and how it works should be the same as the DW Pro & other Sennheiser wireless headsets. My question is for anyone who has a Sennheiser wireless headset. How did you get it to work? On the Officerunner base I just have a cable plugged into the phone jack, should I have something plugged into the headset jack?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of the ESHS36 to eliminate the need for the handset lifter? The phone has a headset port on the back. If I need a HS 10 to lift the handset, will I still need the EHS36?

My phone + the headset have both been upgraded to their latest firmware
Figured it out and thought I'd post for anyone interested in the Officerunner with a Yealink phone. Yealink really needs to update their compatibility list, it works great with my phone using the EHS36 adapter. I'm guessing with any Yealink model + a EHS36 it should be the same. My problem was I didn't read the Sennheiser manual enough, I had it hooked to my PC with USB for power. Turns out to use it with the phone it needs more power and has to be connected directly to the AC adapter. DIP switch 1 needs to be down to use the auto answer feature. No handset lifter is needed.

I haven't really haven't gotten a chance to use it yet outside of setting up my voice mail prompts. Good volume, sound clear and records crystal clear.
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