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Full Version: Yealink RPS and Kerio Operator
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Hi all... Does anyone have any experience with Yealink's RPS service and Kerio Operator? Did you get it to work? What were the steps?

I've created a hardware provision for 2 Yealink T38G handsets in Operator, added extensions, set the extensions as being behind NAT, added our server to the RPS service, added the MAC address of the 2 handsets to the RPS service, and upgraded the handset firmware to

However, the handsets just don't pickup the provisioning information.

When connected to the LAN, or if configured manually, the handsets work.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I've ran into this where the Firewall had Geo-IP and Botnet filters on. I disabled them and reset the phone and the device popped right up.

Ah... I run the router / firewall, so not sure why this would be the case. I'm using Kerio Control router / firewall, so I should look there as my next step. Thanks for the advise.
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