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Full Version: Changing the logo on T28P
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Hi all,
I tried using the cfg file to pull a logo using http and replace the Yealink logo on the phone. It doesn't seem to work. Also, seems the screen light turns on and off every 20 seconds. Can someone give me the correct lines to put in the cfg to pull the image and what format is needed?
you can use below syntax in the provisioning to upload the custom logo and display it .
lcd_logo.url =
phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 2
for example ,

lcd_logo.url =
phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 2

the logo format should be .dob , for how to generate the logo, please refer to below guide,
from yealink webside,
the file title is ,
How to change the logo of Yealink Phones Rev_61.0

please help test and let us know if any question.
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