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Full Version: T28 + 2 EXP39 (gray screnn and EXP lights turn off)
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Hi, i got problems with 1 phone T28 ( and 2 EXP39.

1. phone randomly turns the screen gray, and does not allow to derive any calls or even answer, after a few seconds returns to work fine. (this phone receive call ALL the time)

2. the EXP39 randomly, but often the lights of the panels, then come back on, and the time off, and on again and sucecivamente off/on.

This what i did:

- Replaced the phone (HW)
- Replaced of all cables.
- Replaced power supplies.
- Monitor the network, result: 1ms with none packet lost.
- Check log, but i don't understand the warnings.

So, Where do you think that is the problem?


PS: I attach the recent log
HI condor,

Sorry for the delay.
You connect two EXP39 with T28 and phone randomly turns the screen gray, it maybe because the power is not enough to support to EXP39.
So please plug in a standard power supply which is DC 5V/1.2A to the EXP39 and try again.

If the issue still exist, In order to do more troubleshootings, please describe your scenario and supply syslog level 6, config.bin and pcap and send to

How to Get the Correct Syslog, Config.bin and Trace
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