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Full Version: Yealink phones rebooting perhaps caused by broadcast storm
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We have a problem and are struggling to find a cause. Our best guess at present is that our phones are being rebooted as the result of a broadcast storm, although as yet we have not tracked down an offending device.

We have a mixture of T38G's and T42G's. They are mixed between two class C networks in two departments, mostly powered by POE but some via wall outlets and power supplies, all talking to an Asterisk server.

All phones on one of the two networks have started to reboot simultaneously. The reboot cannot be explained by a power fluctuation or fault. At increasingly frequent seemingly random times they reboot, both phones on and off-hook.

Our best guess at present is that a broadcast flood from some faulty equipment is causing the phones to reboot. The server is not affected, nor are any calls from the phones on the second network. We suspect a faulty printer but as it's virtually impossible to identify the source we are still troubleshooting and have yet to prove this.

No errors are reported on the server, just the de-registration and re-registration of the phones upon reboot.

The T38G's are running firmware (latest with Multicast support at time of installation) and the T42G's

Any help or pointers in how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.



I find the T42 version is so old, can you try to upgrade to latest version then test again.

Meantime, would you please apply some info to me, so I can check more.
1. How many phones? All phones have this problem?
2. Please set the syslog log level to 6, and reboot the phones manual.
Next time, when the phone reboot, please export the syslog files immediate after phone power up.
3. Also help us to get the config.bin files.
You can know how to get the syslog and config.bin files via this FAQ:
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