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Full Version: Missed Call Notification by Email
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Hi everyone!

Anyone knows if there is an option of receiving a missed call notification by email?

Thanks in advanced
You can set notifications in the Outlook Web Application that will let you know that you have missed a call or have a voice mail message. When you receive a missed call notification, the e-mail includes the phone number of the caller, unless the number is blocked. If the caller is in your Outlook contacts, the caller's name and e-mail address is listed along with the phone number.
Turn on missed call notification:-
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click the Voice Mail tab.
3. Select the Send an e-mail message to my Inbox when I miss a phone call check box.
This is a server behavior and should be configured on your SIP server.
you need to configure this in your pbx..this cannot be done trough the phone
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