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Full Version: LineKey Label length on T46G
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I want to set the Line Key labels with the associated DID on a T46G, for example:
LineKey1 Label = 3051234567
LineKey2 Label = 3052221111
LineKey3 Label = 3054561234

Problem is, the label length on screen is very short and the phone number gets truncated on the screen like "305...".

I searched the documentation and found "features.config_dsskey_length" but that for DSS so it looks like it does not apply to LineKeys.

So, how can I extended the Line Key label length?


PS. Great phone BTW! My first time trying it and I'm amazed Smile
Never find, found it on the web GUI under "DSSKey" and then "Label length".
Hi lrvbanned,

Please refer to below picture.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=924]

click confirm to accept the change.


please work on this setting. "Default" is too short and "Extended" is to long in some situations. "Extended" is half width of display. Would be fine to have "small" (default), "medium" and "large" (extended at the moment).

Hi Speedy,

Thanks for the suggestion I will forward it to or product department.
But since the limit of LCD size, if you set the lable length to "medium" I guess there is still no much other thing which can be displayed.

Maybe a company logo ...

I agree with this need.
Even the ability for transparent %.
Same here. We have our logo in the center and it looks really nice with the short labels, but then the labels are truncated. It would be nice to have a third option be a bit larger, but still leave room in the center for a logo.

Alternatively, a character or pixel length option would be nice as well. So you can specify exactly how much room you want them to use.
Resurrecting this. Anything new on the ability to widen the labels? I too am looking for something between default and extended.
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