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Full Version: New line in CallerID
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Hello Yealink

We have a customer who has 24 T46G phones, and they use an asterisk server to manipulate the CallerID so they can see the people calling by their company name, instead of phone number.

I was wondering if it is possible to have a callerid with several lines on yealink phones? The display sure allows for it, but \n doesn't work as a newline tag.

Can you help?
Hi Waztrix,

Sorry , i can't completely understand what your meaning.
As my understand, do you mean want to the label can show more on line in the T46 phone LCD?
For example,

do you want display above content in the line1 label field?
if yes, i'm sorry to tell you our label only support one line, this is by desigh.
if not , could you please describe your sceniro detailed?

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