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Full Version: T41P DHCPv6
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I have a T41P with lastest firmware. Does not seem to be getting an address from DHCPv6 server. Other clients are no problems.

Thank you

Hi dbeyzade,

1.Please check the Internet Port whther is IPV6 or IPV4/IPV6.
Access to web GUI->Network->basic->Internet Port tab, you can configurate it in the Mode(IPv4/IPv6) list field.

2.Disable the LLDP and DHCP VLAN fewture and try again.
Access to web GUI->Network->Advanced->LLDP/DHCP VLAN, disable them.

3.if it still doesn't work, please try manually set static IPV6 address.
Access to web GUI->Network->basic->IPv6 Config.
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