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Full Version: Phone disconnects pc on soft reboot
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What we have:
30+ T42G
20+ T46G
Cudatel 470B

Anytime our PBX remotely reboots the phone due to changing a quickdial or even a soft reboot on the phone it disconnects the PC (that is connected through the phone) during the reboot. As far as I know at least Polycom phones do not do this but instead leave the switch ports active. Is this a hardware limitation of Yealink or do I have something set wrong?

I have looked around on the forum and can't find an answer to my question so hopefully this isn't a duplicate.

Hi wrayclark91,

Do you mean you connect the pc to PC port of the phone?
But when you reboot the phone, the PC will disconnect with network?
If yes, I 'm sorry to tell you our phone doesn't support it.
I will collect the similar requirement from other customers, if there is enough users need this requirement, then i will submit it to our product department.

Sincerely thanks for your support to Yealink product!
Yes that is what I mean and thank you for your reply.

This would be a very useful future feature for us. Especially for our POS systems that have phones next to them. If for any reason the phone reboots our sales person has to have the customer wait until it comes back up to continue using the terminal.

I just have to be careful not to do anything in the PBX that would cause a reboot. Unfortunately in our Cudatel system there are lots of ways to accidentally reboot a phone. Even simple things like changing a quick dial reboots the yealink but that is not your problem.

I have the same problem and i support this requirement !
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