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Full Version: RD button doesn't process Dialplan
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First of all, thanks to Yealink for theses nices IP Phones!

I currently use T28P.
I have configured a very simple dialplan:
prefix: (xxxx.)
Replace : 0$1
Account : 0

So when I manually dial a number which begins with a ZERO and which length is more than 4 digits, the phone deletes the first ZERO and my call works. The replace rule is OK and works as expected for me.

When I press the REDIAL button, the rule is not applied, hence the number has got a ZERO at the beginning. Call NOT OK...

Is there a way to have the replace rule work with the redial button?

T28P Firmware version:
Hardware version:

Hello all.
Since I can't see any response, I guess my english is not as good as I thought...
Is my question clear?

thank you
Hi sbeu,

Sorry for the delay. I have tested your dialplan in my side. It does work well.
In your dialplan, it means if you dial a number which length is more than 4 digits, the phone will add 0 in the number begin.
But you pree the dial button, the phone will dial the number from history. And if that number length is more than 4 digits, it also will add 0 in that number begin.
For example, when you dial 1234, the phone will dial 01234 finally.
when you press RD button to dial 01234 from history, before you add the dial plan, it will dial 01234.
But after you add dial plan, it will dial 001234 actually.

For more info about it, plese refer to the admin guide. Begin on page 67.

admin guide
Thanks for your answer, I will check that tomorrow.

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